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My name is Stephani Knutson and I live in Duvall, WA with  my husband and 2 children.   When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a biologist.  A Zookeeper to be specific.  I loved animals, and I loved to draw them. 

I went to school and got my degree in Biology.  I worked summers as a Zookeeper and then after graduation I found work as veterinary assistant at a very special veterinary clinic.  This was a clinic for exotic pets only.
We saw snakes, and lizards, and turtles, and fish, and chinchillas and ferrets and servals, and rabbits and mice and  hamsters, and cougars and monkeys and opossum, and flying squirrels and spiders and newts and savanah cats and parrots of all kinds, and wallabies, and tigers and... just about anything.

After a couple of years, I went on to a zookeeping position, but found that I was working too many hours and my creativity was suffering.  I discovered that art was really a necessary part of my life. 
I found myself drawn back into more creative endeavors and went back to the veterinary clinic.   I started Wildlyfe Images & Fantasy Art with the idea that I would pursue my art. 

And then my mom came along.  She had a fabric store at the time, and sold embroidery machines.  She insisted that I should learn to digitize and create embroidery designs from my artwork.   I have found that I really enjoy it too.

  I have many interests, and I try to dabble in a number of things, but it seems that 20 years of working with wildlife, exotic pets and parrots has left its mark on me.  Realistic animals and birds are my specialty .  Each of these designs takes many many hours to complete, but I find such joy in the final design that it is well worth the work.  




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