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Easy Baby and Toddler Bibs


Terry Cloth 
     Baby Size: 13"x13"     
     Toddler Size: 20"x20"
Ribbing in Coordinating Color
      Baby Size: 10"x3"
     Toddler Size: 13"x3"
Snap and Snap Setting Tool 
Serger or Bias Tape for Finishing


1. For Toddler Bib, cut a 5" circle 5" from the top edge of the bib and then from center of the circle to the top edge.

    For Baby Bib, cut  4.5" circle 2" from top edge.

2.  Finish all the outside edges, including the back opening, with a serger or with bias tape, rounding the edges if desired..

3.  Fold ribbing lengthwise and sew ends, turn inside out.

4. Match edges of ribbing to edges of back opening, and match center front to center front.  Sew together along the the edge, stretching the ribbing to fit as needed.

5. Attach snap to back opening about 1/2" below the seam between ribbing and terry cloth.

6.  Embroider you favorite design along center front of the bib.

An easy way to cut the circle:   measure down 

For Toddler Bib, 7.5" from the top edge of the bib and fold.  Then fold again, vertically.  Cut thru the fabric on an arc, 2.5" on either side.  This will make a 5" circle with the top 5" from the top edge.

For Baby Bib,  4.25" for 1st fold. Cut arc on 2.25" radius.





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