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Fancy Valentine Card 2



  • Heart Frame design 

  • Eclectus Pair design

  • Fabric square to fit your hoop and design size

  • 1 sheet -8 1/2"x11" Cover stock paper in color of your choice

  • 1 sheet - 5"x5" Paper of contrasting color

  • 1 sheet regular weight printer paper in color of your choice for inside card (opt)

  • Rubber stamp (opt) for Greeting or computer to print out Greeting or felt tip pen for hand-writing your Greeting

  • Gluestick

  • Exacto knife or other craft blade 

  • Scissors for fabric

  • double-sided tape


Embroider heart design and then the eclectus pair design on top of the heart design.  Cut down to 5"x5" square.

If you wish to use a computer to print your Valentine Greeting onto the Cover stock, do so now. Otherwise you can stamp or hand write your greeting later.

Fold Cover stock paper in half. On front of card, draw a line 3/4" from folded side, top and side edges and a line 43/4" from the top edge.   This will give you a 4" square.  Use the knife and cut out this square, cutting just outside the drawn line (you will be making the cut out square slightly larger than 4x4). 

Cut 5" x 5" Square from contrasting paper

On back side, measure and draw a line 1/2" from each edge, then cut this center square out. put glue on the back side, turn over and position over the cut out section of the cover stock paper.

Open the card and place pieces of the double-sided tape along the cut edges.  

Position embroidered square over the taped opening (with embroidery showing thru the opening on the front).  

If you wish to print a message for the inside of the card, do so now.  

Place glue or double-sided tape in corners or along edges of cover stock, around the already attached embroidered square.

Fold the inside sheet in half  and place into outside card so that message is facing you and press where glue or tape binds the two sheets together.

Put any finishing touches on the card, like stamping or handwriting.






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