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Celtic Wedding Spoon Wall Hanging



  • Wedding Spoons design 

  • Fabric for center to fit your hoop and design size

  • Fabric for backing (10.5"x14")

  • Fabric for border < 1/8th yd

  • thin batting   (10.5"x14")

  • Steam-a-Seam 2

  • thread to match fabric

  • embroidery thread for design


Embroider your design on center fabric.   Cut to 4.5" x 8" (includes 1/4" seam allowance on all sides).

Cut  border fabric into 3" strips, 2 at least 10.5" long and 2 at least 14" long

Sew the strips to the center square, being sure to stop and start 1/4" in from the edge in order to have smooth corner points.

To create the mitered corners, I cheat and use Steam-a-Seam 2.  Cut the Steam-a-Seam into 1/4" strips.  Fold one border end from inside corner to outside corner and press. Then place the Steam-a-Seam strip along the bottom edge and press to the unfolded border piece.  You can then trim mitered edge to 1/4 seam allowance and have a perfectly mitered corner.  Do this for each corner.

Place top, backing piece and batting together and trim the edges to match.  

Before sewing the 3 pieces together, make sure that the pieces are in the following order:

backing right side up
top right side down

Start sewing on the bottom side of the project, about 1-2" from the edge and sew all the way around, ending about 1-2" from the edge on the corner.  This should leave an opening at the bottom for you to turn the project inside out.

Hand sew the bottom edge after turning.

To hand on wall, hand sew loops on the back.









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