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Please specify when ordering which format(s) you wish the design(s). 

Embroidery designs will be e-mailed to you in a ZIP file unless other arrangements are made.

There is no additional charge for multiple formats.

Custom Digitizing

Logos & Other Custom Designs from Artwork:

Custom Digitizing is available with a $35 minimum.  We can digitize from your artwork or create a new design just for you.  You may also choose to have one of our stock designs modified to meet your needs.  All designs are tested  on fabrics that match or closely resemble the type of fabric you intend to use the design on.

 We do not charge by the stitch count, rather we base our estimate on the complexity of the design.


Simple Logos are usually in the range of $50-$75 Turn-around is usually within 24 hours from authorization.



More complex logos are usually in the range of $75-$150



Larger more complicated designs and logos (for example Jacket backs) will have a longer turnaround and often exceed $150




Realistic animals from photos are usually very detailed, complex designs. These can be anywhere from $75 to $350 depending on the design details.  As with logos and custom artwork, you would own all use rights to the design. Turnaround is usually 5 -10 days from authorization depending on the complexity of the design.




Simply send me a picture of the design you want digitized by mail or email.  Most graphic formats are acceptable for estimates (jpg, tif, gif, ai, eps, wmf, psd, cmx...)  and the picture should be at least the same size as the final design - larger is better.

Please let me know what kind of fabric you intend to embroider the design on, and any variations (including other sizes) that you might want. 

Final prices will not go beyond 10% of the estimate without prior approval.


You must be the artist of the artwork supplied, or have authorization from the artist in order for me to digitize it for you.  I may ask you for written authorization.  


Once you receive your final design, you will have 2 weeks time to test it and let me know of any small changes/fixes you would like done (such as increasing or decreasing the density, minor outline changes, minor size changes...) 

Thereafter, alteration requests may have additional charges associated - please ask for an estimate.  Size changes or alterations  which do not require a lot of editing or a test sewout, are usually $10.  


Once your design is finished, I will send you a scanned image of the sewout and an invoice with a secure link for payment through PayPal.  Payment with MC/Visa is also available. For projects estimated over $100, I require 50% of the payment before beginning to digitize, with the rest due upon completion.

Once payment has been received, I will send the design to you by email in the format(s) you requested along with a detail sheet showing color changes, exact size and stitch count. If you have a particular thread you like to use, I can provide a thread list as well, otherwise the thread list will use Sulky colors. If you would like your design on CD, there would be an additional fee of $7 for shipping and handling.

Formats Available:

Other Tajima, Toyota, Brother, Barudan, Wilcom, and Happy commercial formats also available.


Don't need a custom one of a kind design?

We are always interested in what you the customer would like to see digitized.  You are welcome to contact us with a wish list.  If time is of the essence, and the design is one that I feel would be an asset to my collection, you can request immediate scheduling of a design.  The fee for this is $25 + the price of the final design.  This puts your design request at the top of the list, and guarantees the design is digitized to your satisfaction usually within 5-10 days.

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